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Cletus McMurtry

Cletus McMurtry grew up in a Christian household, so the Church was a common visit for him since childhood. This meant that Cletus was made to learn everything about Christianity and how religion needed to be at the core of life. Fast forward, and the author was now a war veteran. He decided to go back to his military training, where he used to read the Bible whenever he could. However, the only difference between then and now was that Cletus decided to study the Bible like a manual instead of a book you should read and not ask questions. He had understood that if he wanted answers to a few probing questions, for instance, asking the scholars

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about the “why’s” instead of “how’s,” Cletus would have to figure it out himself. When it comes to the author’s impressive history, Cletus courageously and proudly gave more than 30 years of his life in the U.S. Army as a Helicopter Pilot. He fought in the Vietnam War as an armed helicopter pilot. So just what is it that Cletus has been shown, in the Bible(s), that a great number of people have never seen before? However, this is one of the few things that made Cletus McMurtry a formidable individual as well as an inspirational veteran.

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