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Is That Really In the Bible?

People preach about not taking the Bible literally, which is correct because there are many things and underlying messages that need to be studied carefully. The same people do take things literally, such as the “thou shalt not kill” verse. That is not how the Bible works. That is not how spirituality works. They only do it because it fits their needs. Some people even use the Bible to drive their agendas because they edit it according to their preferences and views. Throughout the years, the Bible has been rewritten and edited to fit the opinions of editors or the ones in power at the time. It could be religious scholars, kings, or others.

It depends on their beliefs and views. They edit it according to how they seem fit without portraying the real message and accurate stories. The reason why Cletus McMurtry author wrote this book is that he wanted readers to know something that not everyone talks about when it comes to the Bible. It is not an easy topic to read or a conversation to have. People can get uncomfortable with it or downright offended. The book will make people learn that the Bible needs more focus and open-mindedness. If you were to read it, on the surface, it would seem constricting or even confusing. But if you were to put time and effort into it, ask questions like “How?”, “Why?” or “Who?” then you would be able to understand it more.

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